921: dovahkiin

dovahkiin (800x480, 147.0KB)

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Dovahkiin: i know it's not much but i had to put my Dark Brotherhood entrance up.
It's a shame i didn't get to finish before some ass went erased it

918: banksy nim

banksy nim (800x480, 114.3KB)

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vatisti: Damn, I look good. o...o

842: bot star

bot star (800x480, 431.0KB)

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Dragonz: GLaDOS ç_ç come back

912: kyoni z zum

kyoni z zum (800x480, 569.6KB)

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OneEye: holy fuck the shinnie blew up . . . . so many post in such a short time. . .

801: sgtmcpwnage

sgtmcpwnage (800x480, 76.1KB)
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turtle: OMG SO TRUE!!!!

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ryuu: yeah

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nim: that's deep man

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Turver: So sexy

811: dovahkiin landscape nim

dovahkiin landscape nim (800x480, 476.3KB)

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Dovahkiin: "Meanwhile in Elsweyr"
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SgtMcPwnage: i love ur landscapes nim

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Rainy: Somebody should do a set of these;

Elseweyr, Cyrodiil, Hammerfell, Morrowind, Skyrim, High Rock, Orsimer, Summerset Isle, Black Marsh and Valenwood

That would be so awesome

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Dovahkiin: Now that^ i would definitely be down for.
Unfortunately the only thing i could do is give a rough environment.
As you can see I only had but a handful of work in dealing with the piece above but I would love to do a Mundus-themed portfolio

818: admin down

admin down (800x480, 311.7KB)
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Wut: :3

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814: admin error

admin error (800x480, 211.1KB)
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Rollercoaster: Misspelled 'Adminfag', oh well...
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Wut: lol

800: mallony nina sgtmcpwnage turtle wut

mallony nina sgtmcpwnage turtle wut (800x480, 548.6KB)

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nim: what is this wizardry?! (top right)
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turtle: Pencil tool and a lot of patience.
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Wut: its relaxing to do and the result looks nice

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nim: hax i say

807: sgtmcpwnage

sgtmcpwnage (800x480, 407.5KB)

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