7747: banksy noir tagme

banksy noir tagme (800x480, 190.7KB)
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That_Guy: nice

7742: vincere

vincere (198x200, 28.3KB)
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Anetonix: Hey this is gonna sound weird but could you possibly comment back with a porn vid link I'm on a school chromebook and really wanna beat it but I'm grounded from my phone or computer so if you put a video link I can download it and watch it on the Chromebook please?

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AngryKing: Same tbh.

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Noir: ¬ w¬

7728: aleidis

aleidis (2260x1156, 574.9KB)
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Aleidis: made a collage of all muh recent draws

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ki: Woah
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MadFox: Cool stuff. Your style reminds me of an artist named Mateusz Skutnik.
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Aleidis: i googled, i like this matesucsuzszz skutsnik

7697: catbread jahny kami

catbread jahny kami (800x480, 142.8KB)
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Angie: HOT

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HarduDickuKun: you're a squid're a kid now... *police sirens*

6860: fail

fail (800x480, 126.2KB)

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EncrustedAnchor: apocalypse now

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Banksy: even still I come back to look at this one. this shit is HOT

7741: when_nii_and_gt_do_battle_>:3

when_nii_and_gt_do_battle_>:3 (800x480, 242.6KB)
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HereBeDragons: gud

7739: ok

ok (800x480, 179.0KB)

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Plushyyy: im too lazy to shade/render
idk give me another 15 hours

7726: 5avvi Mashiro Super angryking dako kami luumuke

5avvi Mashiro Super angryking dako kami luumuke (800x480, 532.4KB)

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ki: Cute and neat.

7714: BeachGlass Juves N47H4N43L catbread eh notarealperson

BeachGlass Juves N47H4N43L catbread eh notarealperson (800x480, 125.9KB)

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ki: Bahahaha

7720: Doodleguy Tkelii angryking

Doodleguy Tkelii angryking (800x480, 199.9KB)
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HereBeDragons: I lurve skirts
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