Doodle: Nice Creator :p Op loli number 1 >>>
Doodle: Handsome , Handsome ! <3 >>>
Doodle: The dude looks likes Jensen Ackles, all drawings here... >>>
Doodle: I can upload finished version if you want o3o >>>
Doodle: I feel like TSD is kinda missing >_> >>>
Doodle: > at least upload the version where i was done with... >>>
Doodle: All hail the pomp. >>>
Doodle: I drew sam and tucker.. Nevermind though. >>>
Doodle: wow sure colour my stuff and give no credit :I BANANANANERS >>>
Doodle: Good job ! >>>
Doodle: I like it though :3 >>>
Doodle: Bakagajin, normaly we tag the artists names. Just saying >>>
Doodle: At least tag artist names... geee >>>
Doodle: dat ulqiuorra >>>
Doodle: a gif? Awesome job tsd ;D *claps into hands* >>>
Doodle: Its becoming better and better ಥ◡ಥ All dat... >>>
Doodle: Keep up the good work, the story is epic! >>>
Doodle: Thanks :] >>>
Doodle: Nice 3D model Paddles >>>
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