Shimmering: look at those EYEBROWS!! >>>
Shimmering: Come to skycow, I made a room for you >>>
Shimmering: Ferrari fuckin kek I need your help >>>
Shimmering: FERRARI, I need your ass >>>
Shimmering: top kek is that shim? >>>
Shimmering: nice! >>>
Shimmering: I knew this would happen some day. >>>
Shimmering: lol hilarious >>>
Shimmering: kek zoophile >>>
Shimmering: cntrct why are you ded again ;_; >>>
Shimmering: wow cntrct how can you draw something like that you... >>>
Shimmering: your ass >>>
Shimmering: aw shucks, you did >>>
Shimmering: tfw you didn't even notice me enough to tag me... >>>
Shimmering: yeah he's ded >>>
Shimmering: >>>
Shimmering: lol the cat in the top left >>>
Shimmering: b-but honey drop... ;_; >>>
Shimmering: those are some thick legs lol >>>
Shimmering: I feel like you comment way too much ki lol >>>
Shimmering: Paur ;0 >>>
Shimmering: top left one looks amazing >>>
Shimmering: I'm 90% sure HarduDk requested this hahah >>>
Shimmering: great job, I can't wait for dark souls 3 >>>
Shimmering: Yeah that's really nicely drawn, good job even... >>>
Shimmering: y-you're back :3 >>>
Shimmering: You really captured the dark souls style, unless you... >>>
Shimmering: looks great dude >>>
Shimmering: this stuff is amazing even if it's low res >>>
Shimmering: W H Y D I D Y O U L E A V M E D A D >>>
Shimmering: That's what ya get for using that os which name... >>>
Shimmering: come on cntrct come back already, I know it's... >>>
Shimmering: that's a really nice butt >>>
Shimmering: I like you bb >>>
Shimmering: good luck with whatever issues you're dealing... >>>
Shimmering: Scalies is what hbd actually wants >>>
Shimmering: "I thought this was a nudist beach" >>>
Shimmering: you two should legit make a full comic, this is amazing... >>>
Shimmering: I like it heheh >>>
Shimmering: lol cute >>>
Shimmering: good work man, I like it >>>
Shimmering: lol I was actually here and I remember it very clearly >>>
Shimmering: speechless >>>
Shimmering: nigga damn >>>
Shimmering: great job everyone >>>
Shimmering: lol nii good work :3 >>>
Shimmering: damn that's actually really good >>>
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